Today the weather was kind of nice. It was sunny but it was cool. I was reminded to take my sunglasses, but I didn’t think it was windy enough (with the mask on they fog a bit).

I looked for kanji dictionaries in the store and found a good one (also kind of pricey, 2700 jpy). I also found a good looking, almost ripe mango.

I’ve been playing dragon quest XI S and occasionally, have trouble reading stuff when not in 3D mode (2D mode has no yomigana).

it was windy (should have taken the sunglasses), my eyes are a bit red right now.

I finally got to write that postcard for my friend in Portland. I literally spent months with the stack of postcards by my left hand, thinking “I’ll have it done by the weekend” every time I looked at it.

Today’s dinner was shoyu udon and chocolate cake. We ate while watching city hunter (劇場版、2019)