Yesterday I spent the afternoon in Toneri Park. The weather was perfect. I made sandwiches and took a couple chairs and a foldable table, then walked to the station to take the bus.

There was a crying girl and a mortified young mother, who tried to calm the wailing toddler. She gave up and the father sat with the girl, who immediately stopped crying. Mom stood next to the exit door holding the stroller and facing away from the girl.

I had kiwi ice cream and tea after the sandwiches. We returned around 4 pm.

This morning I took my bike and rode it to Akihabara. It was early, which is the best time to go there, since it is dead.

I made three hours, round trip, and then I had breakfast. Oatmeal, banana and soy milk. For lunch I had Cocoichi (vegetable curry with pork and garlic tomato). Then we went to Akihabara again, this time in train, to look around. It was hot, just barely below the summer Tokyo heat (minus the humidity). It was also packed, really troublesome even just crossing the street.

It was a fun golden week. Tomorrow’s work.