lately I'm concerned about my health. I started going out on my bicycle on weekends again. I enjoy riding but only in the early morning when the roads are not that crowded.

my new office is in Osaki, but I was thinking of taking a day off and going to Gotanda and see how tired would I be if I commuted regularly by bicycle. it is more or less 25km from home, so maybe only as an experiment (maybe take the bike one day, return on train, go back the next day again on train and return with the bike).

when I was living in Saitama I used my bicycle all the time. another factor that helped was that I didn't cook as much at home, so I was going to restaurants all the time for dinner (for lunch, I mostly used the research facility's cafeteria or took a big COMP shake).

so that's my goal lately, take back my 2018 shape and strength (haha).