covid is over…?

The past three weeks I’ve been going to the office one day a week. Even that little is still a bit of a hassle, due to my one hour commute during rush hour (I have flexible hours, but getting there late only means coming home even later). The government is shutting down the corona tracking app, I guess because it never really worked as intended and keeping the servers up must be very costly. I only got a notification once and it wasn’t even very accurate (it stated way too much exposure time during a week I spent mostly at home). Nevertheless I scheduled a PCR test and came out negative. I think having been vaccinated three times did help build some immunity for a while, but a booster shot would be nice to have soon.

It is a shame the world will have to wait a long time before we know for sure what really happened. Politics getting in the way of research is always a thing, but the impact of this pandemic could have been mitigated if we had the facts.